Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Make Your Cough Syrup Work for You: How to Use Herbs & Spices to Treat Your Symptoms

Have you ever looked closely at the ingredients listed on a cough syrup label? It's poly-this & prop-that along with dyes, high fructose corn syrup, & a ton of modified sugars. Used in soap making & other commercial uses, I noticed that even glycerin is even listed under inactive ingredients in Robitussin DM (although there are objectors, its generally regarded as safe for internal use by the FDA- is even used as a sweetener-  but as a humecant I'm not sure it makes sense to have it in a product that is used to dry up mucus). Regardless, fillers destroy our natural occurring enzymes & good bacteria in our digestive tract- where 80% of our immune system is located! Not something I'd like to damage, especially if you're trying to heal from an illness.

But what do you do when you have a bad cough & need relief fast? First, try to avoid products with lots or sugar, as we all know that sugar increases mucus production & will actually make your cough worse- very counter productive! Secondly, sugar should be avoided during an infection because you are essentially feeding the bacteria & encouraging them to reproduce- instead, eliminate the factors that encourage their growth & your body will heal more quickly as you make the environment more inhospitable to foreign bodies.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

5 Interesting Websites with Tools for Better Health

I stumbled across these 5 websites the other day & thought it might be worth sharing. I've listed the website and article name as well as my brief synopsis & link to the article. Any interesting articles can be submitted to cornucopiaefds@gmail.com 

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Neti Pots: A Safe & Effective Remedy for Allergy Relief

If you live anywhere in the southern United States, then you are acutely aware of the awful allergy season most of us have been suffering through. Here in north Texas it has been horrendous & even people who have never before suffered with allergens are having some of the worst allergies they've ever experienced this year. Personally, I have not dealt with allergies in years, but this year I too have even been affected by the unusual amount of pollens & other allergens in the air.

There are many easy, inexpensive, & effective home remedies to obtain allergy relief. I will be writing about my most used tips & techniques in the next few articles- tricks that I have had great results from & use often. Today's article will be discussing neti pots which I swear by & recommend to anyone who will listen!

Neti Pots:

Growing up in Texas I had mild allergies & seasonal sinus infections, but as an adult was able to control it through diet & using my trusty neti pot (if you have never used one, I seriously recommend trying it- its immediate relief of nasal congestion, post nasal drip, hay fever, sore throat & eyes, facial swelling, trouble breathing, etc. as well as maintaining overall healthy sinuses).

Friday, March 29, 2013

Pasta Primavera for Spring

Pasta Primavera

In Italian, pasta primavera literally translates as“spring pasta”. 
Add other spring vegetables or try spaghetti squash as a tasty & super healthy substitute to pasta

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Favorite Article: Mike Adams' Article: 10 Worst Toxins Hidden in Foods & Supplements

I was recently sent a great article that's worth checking out, 10 Worst Toxins Hidden in Vitamins, Supplements, & Health Foods written by Mike Adams, editor of NaturalNews.com  

The article discusses important information we should all be familiar with when buying food & supplements such as maltodextrin, GMOs, MSG, & other additives that can be easily overlooked but do great harm to our bodies. An investigative journalist & activist in the natural food industry for over a decade, Mr. Adams routinely runs laboratory tests on products to ensure the quality of the product meets with the information on the labels, government guidelines, etc. Mr. Adams also spot checks product formulations & certified organic food production, interviewing companies as a supervisor of a USDA-certified organic food production & packing facility.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Posts Are Back!

For a multitude of reasons I have been unable to post any articles for the last few months, but I am currently writing some new posts which will be added soon. Hopefully I can keep up a more consistent posting pace- I apologize the long absence! Thanks for continuing to check my site even though its been too quiet of late!