Monday, April 16, 2012

New Recipes for Crunchy Granola Bars, New & Improved Banana Bread

Crunchy Granola Bars baking in the oven
Filled the house with such wonderful smells
honey, almond, & vanilla! 

The last couple of weeks, I have been working on a couple new recipes that I would like to share. I absolutely love crunchy granola bars but have wanted a healthy and most importantly, tasty substitute to the Nature's Valley granola bars that I eat way too quickly! I think I've come up with an excellent substitute, but still think there are things to tweak. I will post the recipe later this afternoon and definitely need input from others that have been making homemade granola bars. Try this recipe, change up the ingredients along with me and share you're results with me at I will add the comments below so that others may benefit & come up with their own perfect, healthy recipe to share with their family! I hope that together we can eat scrumptious, healthy foods while knowing exactly what the ingredients are in our foods & all the while saving money!

Also, this morning I am trying out a new recipe for banana bread. There are hundreds of recipes for banana bread but I think its time for a healthy twist- adding lemon & ginger! I'm making it for the first time so I will post that recipe when I am done, along with my recipe for granola bars. Happy baking & happy eating!